We always hear a lot of complaining about how society today sucks. I agree it does, but what have you done to help change it, or make it better? I have noticed that we live in a place where people will complain and hope someone else fixes the problem. There are huge issues that would be hard for a person like us to fix, but what about the smaller issues? I don’t know exactly how to go about helping with some of the things, but I took one step toward it and started being nice to people. I know it sounds stupid, but it’s better than what most people are doing. I know nobody will probably comment or respond but I would just like to know; Do you have any plans, or are you taking action to help make life a better place? What in society needs to change?



I have been thinking about how I never express my opinion or how I feel about things. The reason is, because all I see are people calling each other names if they don’t believe in the same things as them. It’s shameful honestly. You should respect each other no matter what, but I guess I just have a different mindset and maybe I was raised differently.

Today’s Relationships.

I have creeping a lot on Facebook lately, and I have been so confused from what I have been reading.

The thing I have noticed is that couples today seem to be glorifying being the crazy one in a relationship. Why do we think this is okay?

Couples are now thinking it’s okay to be controlling of each other. I saw a post that a girl was saying,” If I say you can’t go somewhere, then you better not go.” Another one said,” You don’t need any friends, I am the only one you should have in your life.” The sad thing is, so many people were agreeing with them. Maybe I was just raised differently, or I am not influenced easily by all the different types of media out there. How do you feel about this?

Also, there can be things that are considered mental and emotional abuse. I just don’t understand why it’s a thing now to be crazy, controlling, and abusive. You may not agree with me, but I believe that couples are supposed to support each other, not controlling ever aspect of their lives.

Just another trend that I will never be apart of .